Sunday, December 31, 2017

Quilting Goals for 2018

I looked back to see if I wrote about my goals for 2017. I couldn't find anything. I did write about the new BOMs that were tempting me. Want an update? 

Overbrook Sister Sampler BOM - almost up to date.

Halo Medallion - completed up through month 3.

Down the Rabbit Hole - completed through month 2 but put away (for awhile, maybe forever).

Murder Mystery - I still don't know who dunnit, but I've completed through month 3.

Perpetually Hexie - Haven't even started. But I have all the papers!
Not a great completion rate, but I AM a BEGINNING QUILTER - I love to start projects. I'm at 80% for starting - pretty decent!

So, In an attempt to get some accountability with my goals, I figured I'd let you all know what they are - that way, when you see me you can support (embarrass) me by asking how I'm progressing on whatever project.
So, here they are - my possibly non-realistic 2018 goals.
1. Work on my quilts in accordance with my rotational system - don't skip stuff! Try to get through the entire rotation each month.

2. Post a blog post every other week - unless my friends tell me they want more. I'd also love to see more of your comments on the blog. So, if you've read this far, please send me a comment in the comment box below.

3. Prepare a trunk show and workshop for local/regional guild programs.

4. Publish my pattern for Kansas Goes Modern.

5. Design and make 2 quilts from my 50 Quilts From 50 States series.

That will keep me busy for sure. Perhaps I should do an update several times throughout the year. Oh, and please ask me how I'm progressing when you see me!

Keeping It Curious in 2018!


  1. Great list, Denise! I need to do the same. How about your hexified panel? Is it on that list? Maybe we need to plan another play date. :) I'll work on my goals and post hopefully tomorrow when we get home. For now, it's almost time to get ready to dance the night away!

  2. Actually Liz I have another, previously started OBW on my design wall. Once I have it laid out I'll put up my city scape panel. That's why I put a free spot and a "finish it up" spot on my rotation. I'm looking forward to your program and workshop in March!

  3. I work on a four bin rotation system. I pick four projects and pretend that I have no others awaiting my attention. I call them my Fab Four. I try to mix things up so that I don’t get bored. Everything for the project goes into the bin, including a notebook which details where I am in the project and what needs to happen next. My bins are stacked, and one week on, I start on the bin on top. I only work on that project for the week. Then everything goes back into the bin, and the bin goes to the bottom of the stack. Rinse and repeat. I can get a lot done in a week if I focus on a single quilt, and if I am at some part of the process that I don’t particularly enjoy, I only have to do it for seven days and then I can put it away for a rest. By limiting myself to four projects, I get to every bin in a month. When a quilt is completely finished, I pick another project to take its place in the rotation. I occasionally get sidetracked when something urgent gets added, but I resume my rotation ASAP.


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