Wonky Blues - Jerrye Van Leer taught our small group how to do this stack, cut and swap block. I really enjoyed the unplanned nature of the blocks. I got to use some bold and bright fabrics in turquoise, brown and bright green that I would not normally use. The first set of fabrics was a set of 5 FQ I won as a prize on a quilt shop bus trip. Then I added to them to have enough variety.  Lori Kukuk quilted this with a swirly all-over design. Wonky Blues was shown in the 2013 KVQG Annual Quilt Show.   

Amy's Quilt - Chocolate is a Girl's Best Friend. I intended to have it finished for her Freshman year at Northeastern, but she will get it for her Sophomore year - only a one-year delay! The chocolate and other fabrics were purchased in the Seattle area and my good friend Bobbie embroidered the chocolate motifs. Chocolate was machine quilted by Kathi Eubank of Hard Candy Quilts.

Here is the quilt I made for my son James: Tumbling Out of the Jungle. It's a "one-block wonder" to which I added cubes that start out hollow and fill in as they tumble down. I had great fun with this one. Tumbling was machine quilted by Lori Kukuk. It was on display in the 2012 KVQG Show.

This pic should not be the first one - it really belongs in a gallery of shame. There is, however, some joy in "before" and "after" pics. This is the before:


  1. Love your quilts! Especially the Jewel Squares in blues; you are such an inspiration! Thank you!


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