I am a quilter who:
  • Is curious about new techniques, fabrics, designs, gadgets, and other cool stuff
  • Learns and uses a variety of new and time-tested techniques
  • Is inspired by nature, my surroundings and other quilters
  • Works on several projects at one time
  • Finishes projects
  • Follows inspiring quilters
  • Keeps an organized and functional studio (OK, this might be wishful thinking)
  • Contributes to and participates in local and on-line quilting communities
  • Documents the quilting process for her own and others' learning and enjoyment
  • Happily shares her expertise (ok, maybe that should be experience)

2018 Quilting Goals
I did a whole post on quilting goals. Check it out here.
Funny, I forgot to look here to see my 2017 goals. 

2017 Quilting Goals
  • Blog weekly
  • Finish at least 3 quilts
  • Develop and write 2 quilting patterns
  • Learn at least 2 new techniques (tuffets, bargello)
  • Regularly practice freemotion quilting 
  • Refrain from buying any fabric unless its associated with an on-going project
  • Keep current on new BOM projects

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