Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another Great Program at KVQG - Peg Parnell

KVQG monthly meeting was earlier this week. With each speaker comes new insights, experiences and techniques. Peg Pennell was no exception. Coming to us from near Omaha Nebraska, Peg described her history with quilt challenges - in fact she admits to being a "challenge junkie". It really resonates with me when people have a focus or something they return to again and again. I think I like it because that's not me.

Peg took up the gauntlet from the many (6?) guilds she belongs to and completed the challenges with flair - sometimes challenging the challengers with unusual shapes and other rule bending. For each challenge she set herself a personal challenge to learn and practice some new technique. This is way cool in my book. I also loved how she collected fabric, embellishments, sayings and doo-dads that related to the quilt she was working on.

I love Peg's sense of color - "Lime green in my go-to neutral", and her technique for stretching small pieces of fabric by slashing and inserting another fabric.

So, here is what I'm taking away from Peg's presentation - challenge yourself to learn and try new things, dont be afraid to "break the rules" and embellishments sometimes make the quilt.
 Keep up the Curiosity!