Saturday, March 14, 2015

Finally - A Finished Project!

I've started lots of new projects this year and today I am happy to say that I finished a long-time UFO.  Last year (or was it 2013? or 2012?)  I took a class with a great teacher and friend Kathy Pflaum at Stitchin' Traditions in Topeka. We made a wall hanging from the book 3-D Folded Blocks  by Geesje Baron and Esther Vermeer.  And today I finally finished it - quilting, binding, hanging sleeve and all.

The blocks look like regular traditional quilt blocks. But they aren't! Each of the shapes in the block is achieved by folding fabric into squares, rectangles or triangles and layering them.  It was really fun and a very unique way to make blocks. The shapes are layered and sewn together around the outside edge of the block. 

For example, in this block, the shapes would be sewn together about where the cream border is. Then the borders (cream and green) were added, and then they were set with the red background.  One very important tip for the folded blocks is to really get a good, sharp crease. I used Faultless Extra Crisp Magic Sizing and I really like the result. It's a bit hard to find here in Lawrence, so I order it by the case. 

I decided to quilt this myself. One of my favorite quilting motifs is pebbles (are pebbles?). I started quilting this at a Stitch On retreat last year (or the year before? I see a pattern emerging here - I can't remember stuff!). Pebbles take a lot of time for me, as well as a lot of thread. Luckily I kept the thread with the project so I could complete it with the same thread - at least on the top! One would think after doing this many pebbles that I would be good at it. No such luck. My pebbles are still irregular and my "sew-overs" aren't exact. I'm not good yet, but I'm better than I was!
I really enjoyed these blocks and I imagine that some day I might make a sampler from all 71 different folded blocks in the book. 
Keeping Curious!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Guess Who Will Be the Featured Quilter at the KVQG Quilt Show This Year!


Guess who has been asked to be the featured quilter at the Kaw Valley Quilters' Guild 2015 Annual Quilt Show!  Yep, yours truely! I feel so honored, a bit scared, and really excited.

My brain parts are having shouting matches with each other over which quilts to show, what my theme should be, and whether or not to show a few not-quite-finished quilts.  What will people think of my quilts? Of ME? My work isn't good enough. My quilts don't have a theme. How am I ever going to pull this off. 

OK, self, this is not Paducah, Houston, or Quilt Con. It's Lawrence Kansas and these people are your friends . . . . I mentally shake myself a few times and then calm down. I can do this.

Theme - none of my quilts could "hang together" because they are all so different. Style, Color, Size, Story - all different.  The only common denominator is that almost all my quilts are a result of something I wanted to learn. I have always had a love of learning and a curious mind (hence the name of my blog ;-D ), so it is no stretch for that quality to find its way into my quilting life. OK, theme is something about learning.

What about UFOs? I have a ton of UFOs and most of them were started in a workshop. I would like to talk about some of them and the technique or teacher that makes them special. I could maybe bring a few of them and have friends hold them up like they do at guild programs. I could take pictures and do some sort of slide show, assuming I can locate a projector and screen, and assuming slides can even be seen in the large bright room where the show is going to be held. I think showing UFOs might be OK if there aren't too many and there is something really special about them. 

I hope to see many of you at the KVQG quilt show. It will be April 18th and 19th at the Crown Toyota facility. In addition to the quilts there will be demonstrations and vendors with some cool stuff. Our Guild website will have info and details.

Now I've got to go get some quilts finished!