Sunday, May 5, 2013

Help! I Think I'm a Block of the Month Addict

They make it sound so simple - just one block a month. I'd be finished in no time. It's sounds so simple, so enticing, so do-able!

At least until you sign up for one after another, after another, and then another. Then it becomes not so simple and do-able. But still enticing.

My name is Denise and I am a Block of the Month addict.
(Hi Denise)

It started innocently several years ago when I started doing an internet BOM from Beth Ferrier called Moondance. I couldn't wait for the next month's instructions to be posted.  I finally finished that quilt last year - about 5 years after I started it.

My second BOM, offered in 2012 by The Quilt Show, is a beautiful medallion quilt called Sedona Star by Sarah Vedeler.  I was on track in January, but lost it in February when my finished center medallion was 16.75 inches and it was supposed to by 17.5 inches. I got stuck on how I was going to fix it. So, it's still sitting there, waiting for inspiration on a repair strategy.  In my "stuckness" I neglected to download the remained months' instructions. Now, if I want to finish this quilt (which I think I do) I have to buy the pattern for $60.

The KVQG traditionally offers a BOM to it's members. Since I joined, there have been 2 different BOM quilts. I faithfully download and save the pattern every month, intending some day to complete them. This year's patterns are urban critters so I have started collecting corduroy, wool, and other textured fabric that will be great for critters.

Shabby Fabrics had a really cute BOM last year featuring cottages decked out to represent each month.  Again, every month I dutifully downloaded and saved the pattern for "someday".

I am actively participating 3 more BOM at the moment. One is a mystery quilt by Linda Hahn made of beautiful blue, green, purple and pink batiks. Month 1 was a breeze - but I had to make 4 blocks. This flew in the face of my ideas that BOM consisted of a single block. But I got it done, so sweat. Month 2 was a different story - I had to make 28 blocks! I'm about half way through, and month 3 has already been released.  I can catch up, but I've got to work at it.

The second BOM is the Buck-a-Block at Mea Bernina. This is a series of traditional blocks using Thangles for half square triangles. On track!

Number three is Toes in the Sand by Jay Bird Quilts. This is a series of cute triangle blocks using the Hex N More Ruler. It comes every month in the mail from Fons and Porter. On track (if one month constitutes a track)!

I bet if I looked into my stash, I could probably find a few other old BOM that I stalled out on. I distinctly remember a needle-turn applique batik botanical series. I wonder what else I might find.

Perhaps my next challenge should be to get and stay current on my BOM and then next year to be a little more judicious about taking on new BOM. Or not . . . . .

Curious by the month,