Friday, December 30, 2016

Come Visit Some of My Quilts at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

My quilts are being featured in a small quilt show during the months of January and February in the Founders' Hall at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lawrence. I am sooooo excited. I'm also giving a small talk on January 8 at 9:30. It would be great to see some friendly faces there - just don't make faces to make me laugh.

So how did this come about? you ask. Well . . .  In 2015 I was the featured quilter at the Kaw Valley Quilt Guild quilt show. It was so fun to show my quilts, think about my quilting life, and basically wallow in quilting for two days. Someone from the UUFL was there and asked if I would hang some quilts in the church fellowship hall. That seemed so long ago, but of course time flies and now its here.

I hung the quilts this morning and they will hang through February.  It was so cool was seeing my quilts actually hanging somewhere - not just draped over a chair!

I'm totally nervous and excited. On the one hand it seems like a big deal, on the other hand, it's just me and a few of my quilts - no big deal.  They asked me to write an artist's statement - I know it sounds a bit pretentious, but it really is helpful for me as I'm setting my quilting goals and priorities. You know I love my lists! So I took this opportunity to revisit some thoughts I wrote several years ago, and come up with some 2017 quilting goals.
So, I hope you come out and see me on the 8th, or if you can't make it then, come out and see some of my quilts. 
OH BOY, OH BOY, OH BOY!!!!! (Doing a happy dance!)

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